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Christine is a wife, mom and lover of good food. When she's not on Facebook or Pinterest, you can find her in her kitchen, experimenting for more gluten-free-bread.org recipes!

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    Oh my goodness gracious me and NO EGGS! I’ve been searching for a delicious gingerbread recipes that wouldn’t require a science degree for me to re-engineer for my allergies. Lo and Behold! Here it is! Thank you so much. I’ll be baking this all year as it’s a personal favorite.
    Well, just as soon as I can get in my kitchen again (these things happen) but seriously, at Christmas?
    Speaking of… Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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      C.J. Brady

      Thank you Laurel!

      Glad that you enjoy the recipe.

      Hope your Holiday has been wonderful!

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    This sounds delicious! One question — what’s the benefit of making the gingerbread spice mix? Are there other recipes that use it? I wouldn’t want to mix it up just to use it once a year for this recipe. I’m thinking it could be a neat base for some sort of hot drink, though, and probably lots of other uses. Just wondering if you had other recipes that used it. Thanks!

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      C.J. Brady

      Hi Alicia,

      Well, I can say I have used it for my coffee and it is wonderful – adds a great little kick of spice to it. But, you can safely cut the mix ingredients in half and have enough for this recipe with little left over.

      Hope that helps!


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