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E. G. Moore is a freelancer and ghostwriter specializing in the health and wellness niche. She’s been featured on xojane.com, and her essay Wearing Teresa’s Boots is scheduled to be published in Hope Paige’s Anthology on Loss in 2015. Please check out her website: www.emilygmoorewriter.blogspot.com.

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    I have noticed that all GF buns, and bread, in my local supermarkets and food stores have SUGAR in them. Its also listed as an ingredient in this article for many of them. Is there a GF bun that DOESN”T contain sugar or sweeteners? Its disturbing that everybody feels they have to add sugar to everything, its just as bad as gluten, if not worse.

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      C.J. Brady

      Hi Wayne,

      So that’s a great question – unfortunately, it’s one I don’t have an answer to. I know what you mean though.

      BUT there are alternatives and I’m actively seeing how I make some changes with my recipes.

      Hope that helps!



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