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    Will I add both 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water each time I feed the starter? The recipe says just flour, but it seems that the ratio will quickly overwhelm the liquid aspect of the starter?

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      Chrissy Lane


      Yes, equal parts of flour and water – and I made it a little more clear in the recipe as well.

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    Carla @ Gluten Free Recipe Box

    I’ve been experimenting with my gluten-free brown rice sourdough starter (no other ingredients or yeast), and found a few things that speed up the process. Use a plastic bowl, 80 degree F water, and feed much more often. Hooch (the greyish liquid) is something one should avoid developing, not just drain off. I hope this helps someone!

    1. 2.1

      Chrissy Lane

      Thank you Carla!

      GREAT advice!

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    Rachel Salcido

    If you have let’s say a brown rice sourdough starter can you use it on a different kind of gluten free flour based bread like a rice/buckwheat/blah blah mix?

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      Chrissy Lane

      Hi Rachel,

      Well, the thing is, the sourdough starter is specifically for sourdough bread. I’ve never used it for anything other than a sourdough bread so I’m not really sure how it would ‘perform’.

      So I’m sorry, I really don’t have a definite answer for you.

      But I’m all about experimenting, so if you try it, please let me know. I’m curious now!


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    Jenny Mac

    So when you add yeast you have adulterated your sourdough. And lots of allergic people cannot do added yeast. It takes my sourdough bread a long time to rise but I don’t use yeast other than the sourdough starter. I feed my starter with sorghum or sweet rice flour mostly but occasionally add some buckwheat or teff–it eats it. The only flour I quit using to feed it was garbanzo-don’t like that bean flavor.

    I quit trying to cook anything but sourdough bread because it didn’t work well. Also, besides the celiac kid he is allergic to corn, garlic, black pepper, nuts, watermelon & lots of other stuff.

    1. 4.1

      C.J. Brady

      Great tips Jenny!

      Thanks for sharing!


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