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Gluten Free Resources Not to Miss:

Find out where gluten might be hiding.

Check out the Gluten-Free-Bread.org Gluten free flour mix, which is a great mix to have on hand for quickly making breads, plus we use it A LOT. It’s a wonderful, economical mix to have on hand!

Xanthan gum is prevalent in GF foods, but what if you want to avoid it and use something else instead? Update: we are phasing xanthan gum out of our recipes! I am re-creating many of your most requested recipes so many will be republished without it.

And then there’s also this list of alternatives to xanthan gum to check out.

Where to buy the ingredients when substituting for xanthan gum and guar gum.

Our best loved secrets for an epic gluten free biscuit.


New to GF?

All the info you need for flour 101.

Learn all about the gum that acts as a binding agent to so many foods, both gluten free and not.

Still need to de-gluten your kitchen? Start with these basic gluten free kitchen tips.

Do gluten free terms and ingredients have you a bit confused? Check out our article on 50 Terms for GF Baking.

And also check out our cookbook, 50 Mouthwatering Slow Cooked Meals, All Gluten Free, Paleo AND Low Carb!


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