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    I was just reading the information on substituting xanthan with ground flax seed. It says to use the same weight in flax seed as you would xanthan and make a slurry by mixing with twice the amount of hot boiled water. Two questions 1) most recipes don’t use measurements of weight so are we talking a 1:1 ratio? and 2) the example was 2TBS flax seed mixed with 5 TBS hot boiling water. Doubling 2 should be 4. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated!!

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      Chrissy Lane

      Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for the questions!

      Yes, that is a 1:1 ratio, so whatever the recipe calls for for xanthan gum, you could use flax seeds.

      And then for when you mix it with the boiling water, as a general rule, it is ‘doubling the boiling water’, so you’re right – need to correct that 5 Tbsp, to 4 Tbsp. A little extra water is not a big deal though.

      What is a big thing to keep in mind with these seeds is that they need to be ground very fine, to a powder, really, otherwise you risk having a seedy taste in your end result.

      Hope that answers your questions!

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        Thank you so much for your response! It is a great help as I am new to gluten free cooking. It is challenging and I am finding that some of the ingredients are costly so it helps that I can use a less expensive substitute!


          Chrissy Lane


          Yeah, the cost of some of these ingredients can get pretty high. We’ll try to come up some tips for curbing the cost.

          Thank U for the questions!

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    Thank you SO much for your posts on substitutes for xanthan and guar gum. I am the first in my family that is gluten free and we’ve been finding it rather difficult to find things for me to eat (I’ve had salad for dinner almost every night for the past week) and our budget is tight so we can’t afford some of the pricey ingredients. It’s super nice to know there is a cheaper alternative!

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      Chrissy Lane

      Hi Sarah,


      So glad you enjoyed it AND found it helpful!

      Thank u for the kind words!

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    I don’t have xanthan gum and I was going to use chia seeds that I do have. It says to use 1:1 ratio in weight. Chia seeds as you know are extremely light weight but I have no idea how heavy xanthan gum is so I have no way to determine how much chia seeds I need to equal 2 teaspoons of xanthan gum. I love these substitutes but they would be easier to exchange them if you gave the exchanges in ways other than weight. Also, since chia seeds double their size would you need more liquid?
    Thank you for your help.

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      Chrissy Lane

      Hi Patty,

      This does need some clarifying – so what you would do is take 1 tablespoon of your ground chia seeds and mix it with 2 tablespoons of boiling water. Let that mixture sit for 15 minutes or until it becomes gel-like.

      Then measure out how much you need to replace the xanthan gum on a 1:1 basis. So like 2 teaspoons of xanthan equals 2 teaspoons of chia mixture.

      Does that make sense?

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    Lisi Sanabria

    OMG! This site is amazing! You are wonderful, thank you all so much for what you are doing here, for the rest of us strugling with the gluten free life; sharing free information, recipes, advise And much more.
    I live outside the US in a third world country, so for me is specially hard to find all the ingredientes And flours; not to mention the pricey they get in the “specialty ” stores. Lately I wasn’t able to bake me some goods, because they didn’t have the xantan gum. But we are blessed with chia and flax seeds available at the local markets; at a fair price. I am very happy right now, thank you, thank you!

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    I prefer to use Glucomannan powder instead of xanthan gum but I don’t know what the ratio is for substitution. The recipe I’m looking at calls for 1/4 tsp of xanthan gum. Any thoughts on how much Glucomannan powder? I could use psyllium husk but I don’t know the ratio for that either. Can you help?

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      Chrissy Lane

      Hi Rebekah,

      With Glucomannan powder, I would definitely start small – maybe use 1/4 tsp.

      For the psyllium husk, use 1 tsp. to one cup of gluten free flour.

      Hope this helps!

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    How should I mix in the chia seed/water mixture into my mix? I tried stirring it into the water as I figured it needed to be mixed in well. My bread turned out flat/sunken in and very dense. Not good. Also, how to get it evenly distributed in the dough? It’s not yeast which is live and will grow throughout the entire dough and rise it. I appreciate it when a concept/idea of a way of doing something is explained all the way thru, in this case how to mix it in would be very much appreciated. Vegan, non-gluten, and almost medication free due to diet…..(off 4 meds!)

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      C.J. Brady

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for your comment!

      With the chia seeds, you would mix them first with the water – so use 1 tbls. of chia seeds and 2 tbls. boiling water. Mix and let it sit until the mixture becomes a gel consistency. Then add it into your recipe.

      Hope that helps!

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        Thank you! That is exactly what I was wondering!

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    1:1replacement with Guatemala gum works well too

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    What is the ratio of xanthan gum to ener g egg replacer? I will be using the egg replacer as a binder for my vegan patties. Thank you

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    This is such a helpful site. Just the kind of information I’ve been looking for.
    I am making spreadable vegan butter and the recipe calls for 1/4 tsp of xanthum gum. I have agar agar powder and flakes. How much of either should I use to replace the xanthum gum?

    1. 9.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Patricia,

      Glad you enjoy it!

      To answer your question, you would double the amount of the agar agar powder in place of xanthan gum. So try 1/2 tsp. of agar agar powder.

      Thanks again for the kind words!

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    I put xanthan gum in my home made raw milk ice cream to make it creamier. My husband complained that my homemade ice cream wasn’t as creamy as the store bought, and I found a suggestion on someone’s blog to use xanthan gum…which DOES work. But, if there is a better substitute I would much rather use it. Which substitute would you suggest. Thank you for this website…good stuff in it 🙂

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    You can buy Agar-Agar VERY inexpensively in Asian markets like Ranch-99, and Indian stores. Any place you have people from Vietnam and other parts of Asia live there are Asian markets. These are very inexpensive. It’s used in ‘coconut jello’ and other deserts in Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

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      HI there, have enjoyed these comments. I’m trying to convert one of my mother’s yeast roll recipes to gluten free and I’m wondering what the ratio of agar agar would be to replace the Xanthan gum? Does it also need to be in boiling water and then added?

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    Thank you so much! We have eliminated corn from our diet. A lot of GF recipes have xanthan in them. I have chia seeds. Perfect!

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    Do you have a GF recipe that does not use corn or potato starch, I can only have oat or brown rice or almond flour, and would like to make a fluffy sour dough bread and rolls (I do like yeast too) Thank you

    1. 13.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for asking. So you could take this recipe http://gluten-free-bread.org/making-perfect-guten-free-sourdough-bread and then for the gluten free flour mix, since it does call for potato starch, you could substitute arrowroot.

      So use this flour mix: http://gluten-free-bread.org/how-to-make-gluten-free-bread-flour-mix but use arrowroot http://shrsl.com/mbbn for the starch.

      That’s a lot of info – Hope it makes sense.

      Let me know if you have questions!


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    I wish to replace xanthan gum with ground flax seeds
    The receipt says to use 1 tablespoon of xanthan gum, how do you make the equivalent?
    In the middle of baking a pumpkin pie and realised no xAnthan in the cupboard.
    Many thanks

    1. 14.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for asking.

      For 1 tablespoon of xanthan gum, use 2 tsp. of ground flax seeds mixed with 4 tsp. of hot water.

      Hope that helps!



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