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    I have Jules gluten free flour and also King Arthur's GF flour. Will either of these work? GF baking is so frustrating when every recipe calls for a different mix.
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      C.J. Brady

      Hi Carole, Thanks for asking - I understand where you're coming from. I wish I had a good answer for you, but it just depends on what flours and starches are in the mixes. They could work fine, I would definitely give it a go and see. What I do, that may work well for you - I actually have 2 mixes I keep on hand - one is the mix in this recipe, the other is a basic mix for heartier breads. That seems to work pretty well, because I'm with you - all the different combinations is frustrating. Hope this helps!
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    Same here I have several bags of PIllsbury gluten free flour and one of Krusteaz and have really found nothing I can use them for.
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      C.J. Brady

      Hi Ruth, Thanks for the comment - your flour mixes can still get put to good use! Bread coatings and some cookie recipes come to mind. Hope that helps a little.
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    Peggy C

    Don't have Tapioca - what can be a substitute? Peggy C

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