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    Are the chia and golden Flax seeds whole or ground?
    The ingredient list says “seeds” which I infer to mean whole seeds, but the text said golden flax seed ‘meal’ which means the seeds have been ground. If they, and the egg whites, are the substitute for gluten and xanthan gum shouldn’t they both be ground?
    The recipe sounds awesome, BTW.

    1. 1.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks! And yes, the flax seed is ground – its sold in a package and called ‘meal’. The chia seeds are seeds. They are really small though. Along the same lines as a poppy seed, but a bit bigger.

      Hope that helps!


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        I was sitting hear waiting for my mixture to rise when i read the post about the flax seed needing to be ground. I hope i didn’t just waste all my ingredients and my time. It would be helpful if you would edit your ingredient list to say flax seed meal. I didnt catch it in the paragraph above.



          After baking:
          OMG! It’s bread! And it’s good! I can’t wait to see how much better it will be with the seeds ground! Thanks so much for the recipe.


            C.J. Brady


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    Dee K

    Can you sub honey for the brown sugar?

    1. 2.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Dee,

      Ordinarily, yes, honey is a great sweetener sub for sugar. But the one thing I’m concerned with in this recipe is the added liquid. I may try that out at some point, but if you get to it before me, please let me know!



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    Am I suppose to do anything to the yeast before just adding3/4 c warm water.

    I followed the recipe precisely
    I’m fairly new to baking
    Not great at it yet

    The flax,chia mix was not slurry -more like sticky glob

    The completed mixture was not soupy -more like thick soup.
    I’ve left it sit for 15 minutes. And not rising at all

    Perhaps I did the yeast wrong.
    Any ideas?

    1. 3.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Judith,

      Mine did not rise right away either. Give it about 30 minutes.

      Did the yeast / water mixture get foamy? It should have ‘proofed’ and gotten a little bit foamy.

      The chia mixture will look like a glob 🙂

      Hope that helps!

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    Hi Christine
    I just made your gluten free bread for the first time. It is amazing. It has great taste and rises beautifully. I have had bad luck with other recipes but was successful first time using yours.
    Thank you

    1. 4.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Grace,

      Wonderful! So glad you enjoyed it! (It’s one of my personal favorites too)

      Have a great day!

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    Is it possible to have this recipe in grams please

    Have tried using cups but am used to weighing everything and think I added to much flour mix

    Thank you for your time

    1. 5.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Chris,

      I didn’t use weight for this recipe, but I found this that may help you. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart.html

      Looks like a good resource!

      Hope that helps!

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    Hello! Started down a gluten free path today in hopes of finding the culprit behind my migraines and joint pain. Considering I have bad reactions to xanthan and guar gum, I went on the hunt and found this recipe. I had already bought a Bob’s Red Mill mixture (without xanthan) so used that instead of your suggested mix, plus, I didn’t see the flax was supposed to be ground until I just read the comments, but even so, the bread (other than overflowing the pan and making a mess) tasted great! I’m an avid baker, so the idea of giving up wheat flour made me immensely sad, but after making your bread I have hope! Thanks so much!

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    Can I omit the chia seeds?

    1. 7.1

      C.J. Brady

      Hi Cindy,

      I would not advise it – the reason why is that this recipe was developed using that combination. It really makes the taste pop.

      But, if you give it a try without the chia, please let me know ok?



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