Celebrate 4th of July with a Stack of Gluten Free Patriotic Pancakes

The 4th of July. That special time in the middle of our summer “vacation.” The monumental occasion when we celebrate the independence that makes our country unique and the freedoms that independence affords us. An absurd number of hot dogs and hamburgers will be purchased and thrown on a grill. (It’s estimated that an average

35 Remedies & Tips to Cope At Home When You’ve Been “Glutened”

Scientifically speaking, there’s nothing you can do when you realize you’ve been glutened. The wheat protein is in your system and it will have to work its way out. Despite this fact, many people swear to home remedies* that curb the symptoms and get them back to normal faster than riding it out. Whether your

Make Dad Drool with the Ultimate Gluten Free Father’s Day Breakfast

As you ponder how much the father figure in your life means to you and how to best show him your love, remember, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It’s no surprise that Father’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for restaurant sales, with 50,000,000 people dining

Best Gluten Free Flour Mix Options (With Your Budget in Mind!)

Picking out a gluten-free flour blend at your grocery or natural foods store can be overwhelming. There are so many options and no real way to figure out which one will appeal to your taste buds, your budget or the recipe you have in mind. We’ve rounded up the top commercial ones and compared them

Top 9 Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns You’ll Want to Kick Start Your Grill For

One of summer’s most enjoyable past times is a good, ol’ fashion cookout with neighbors, family, and friends. As a child, I have multiple memories of giant slices of watermelon and the smoky aroma of whatever was being barbequed. For those of us with celiac or gluten sensitivities, attending can be frustrating as most of

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners!

Last week we held one of the biggest giveaway contests we’ve ever had here at Gluten-Free-Bread. CookSimple meals offered a fabulous prize pack for both a Grand prize package and for a Second place prize pack. Plus, they offered a coupon to all of you for an amazing discount on products – if you haven’t

Natural Decorating Colors and More: How India Tree’s Unique Products Appeal to Our Instincts

It’s a fact: Humans eat with their eyes before any other sense. According to Gary Blumenthal of International Food Strategies, “For the sighted, the eyes are the first place that must be convinced before a food is even tried.” (Source: http://www.colormatters.com/color-and-the-body/color-and-appetite-matters) However, in recent years, consumers are becoming more aware of what’s in their food

Move over Pasta Helper, There’s A Better Meal in Town: Cooksimple Meals and Sides

A pattern we often see in natural or health related issues is that moms lead the charge with

Celiac Disease: Since 9500 BC

Though May is Celiac Awareness month, just how aware is the population of the origins and development of knowledge surrounding this disease? Believe it or not, it has not developed out of the widespread use of wheat in commercialized products or the drastic change in diet in the United States. Celiac started as soon as