Simply Delicious Gluten Free Paleo Pita Bread

Spring gets me even more excited for the coming Summer. There’s almost nothing better than a falafel, cucumber, and dressing-filled gluten free, paleo pita bread to help perk up my mood with the weather. I personally like mine spicy, but what’s great about pitas are how versatile they can be. There’s an endless list of

7 Gluten Free Substitutes for Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often toted as a fast gluten-free breakfast option. But for those with life-threatening gluten sensitives, oatmeal is not worth the cross contamination risk. Most brands that offer oatmeal also process wheat flour, rye, or barley and can’t claim perfect purity. So how can you have a delicious breakfast porridge packed with protein and

Super Easy Gluten Free Crusty French Rolls

French Bread Day may not be as exciting as St. Patrick’s Day, but today’s holiday is one we can celebrate with wonderful, warm, homemade  gluten free French rolls or bread fresh out of our own ovens. This recipe can be divided and frozen if you don’t have enough people to eat all the rolls! They

Heavenly Loaf of Gluten Free Potato Bread

Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day! I was unfortunate enough to learn that many of the major points we

What is Potato Starch and What Is It Good For?

In honor of Potato Chip Day today, (yes, it really is a holiday!) we’re going to discuss potato starch today. If you’ve been reading labels to avoid gluten, you may have noticed that many ingredient lists include potato starch. While a potato is familiar to most people, they may not realize exactly what potato starch

Diabetes, Gluten Free, Celiac and Low Carb: What you Need to Know

A few of our readers have asked us about eating gluten free while on a Diabetic meal plan.

The Best Commercial Gluten Free Bread Brands

If we asked what anyone’s favorite food is, we’d get a hundred answers. Variety is key to any

Heavenly Brown Rice Flour, Dairy-Free Blueberry Pancakes

Rice flour is one of a dozen options for wheat-avoiding eaters. But how do you choose whether to use white or brown? Most people decide based on texture or cost, opting for white rice flour or a combination of both. But brown rice flour offers a host of nutritional benefits, and it’s not uncommon to

9 Super Easy Gluten Free Snacks Kids (and Adults) Will Love

A plethora of snacks on the market are laden with gluten, so it’s hard to find something fun for kiddos with gluten allergies to nibble on. Making fancy ones yourself can be time consuming and require a lot of preplanning and specialized ingredients. But there are a couple handfuls of easy-to-prepare snacks that you’re kiddos