Delightful Gluten Free Animal Crackers

There’s something nostalgic about animal crackers, something that magically tugs memories out of the minds of adults and makes our growing-too-fast children or grandchildren slow down just long enough to indulge in their box. These special moments are probably why they have an entire day dedicated to Animal Crackers, which was April 18th (sorry, yes,

Moist Gluten Free Bread Machine Buttermilk Sandwich Bread

When it comes to making a sandwich, most celiacs or gluten avoiding consumers find themselves frustrated about the

Tender Gluten Free Ginger Spice Cinnamon Rolls

The ginger fusion of these gluten free spicy cinnamon buns (or rolls, if you’d rather call them) will have you rethinking the recipe you got in your home Ec. class. The ginger and cardamom will demand being made throughout the year; gluten consuming and gluten avoiding guests both will love them. Another bonus is that

Simply Delicious Gluten Free Paleo Pita Bread

Spring gets me even more excited for the coming Summer. There’s almost nothing better than a falafel, cucumber,

7 Gluten Free Substitutes for Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often toted as a fast gluten-free breakfast option. But for those with life-threatening gluten sensitives, oatmeal is not worth the cross contamination risk. Most brands that offer oatmeal also process wheat flour, rye, or barley and can’t claim perfect purity. So how can you have a delicious breakfast porridge packed with protein and

Super Easy Gluten Free Crusty French Rolls

French Bread Day may not be as exciting as St. Patrick’s Day, but today’s holiday is one we can celebrate with wonderful, warm, homemade  gluten free French rolls or bread fresh out of our own ovens. This recipe can be divided and frozen if you don’t have enough people to eat all the rolls! They

Heavenly Loaf of Gluten Free Potato Bread

Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day! I was unfortunate enough to learn that many of the major points we

What is Potato Starch and What Is It Good For?

In honor of Potato Chip Day today, (yes, it really is a holiday!) we’re going to discuss potato starch today. If you’ve been reading labels to avoid gluten, you may have noticed that many ingredient lists include potato starch. While a potato is familiar to most people, they may not realize exactly what potato starch

Diabetes, Gluten Free, Celiac and Low Carb: What you Need to Know

A few of our readers have asked us about eating gluten free while on a Diabetic meal plan.